Friday, May 20, 2011

I don't understand students.

At least for the most part. By that, I'm mostly referring to what they eat; most students don't eat well. The primary excuses being "I don't know how to cook" and "it's EXPENSIIIIVE!". Thus, they end up stuffing themselves with frozen TV dinners, canned crap, and dehydrated mac&cheese, and who could forget good ol' burgers & poutine!(at least in my part of the country!) Anyways, I've just crushed those two excuses.

Let me explain. Today was the first REALLY warm day of the year; it is currently over 25 degrees celsius in my appartment. Thus, I was craving something fresh tasting for dinner that didn't require much cooking. That's how I ended up eating a fresh spring salad with italian dressing, covered in snails sautéed in garlic, olive oil, basil and oregano. With this, I was tearing chunks from a fresh baguette which I ate smeared with deer, wild boar, pork, bison & 5 peppercorn paté, and with a bit of Bleu Bénédictin, a strong blue cheese made by monks here in the province of Québec. I washed the whole thing down with an ice cold bottle of red ale. (I'm french as fuck and I assume it!)

Total preparation time: 5 minutes. Total cost: about 5$ for my meal. The only thing that required any cooking "skills" was to sauté the canned snails in garlic, olive oil, and herbs. Easier than cooking an egg.

The whole thing took less time to make and was less expensive than ordering a meal at Mc Donald's.

Now students, stop thinking that eating well is out of your reach, dammit!

Rant over.


  1. I agree completely. Once when I was living in the dorms, I fed my entire floor dinner (probably about 15-20 people since some students had visitors at the time) for the price it would have taken to feed just 2 of them at the local pizza place. We had American-style fried chicken, baked potato and carrot pieces, and a wilted dandelion greens salad. Altogether, we spent about $20US and most of that went to buying the chicken.

  2. Yum! sounds tasty!

    Good food can be so simple and so cheap. Go figure why most of my friends feed themselves mostly on Ramen noodles, Subway, PB&J and beer. (ok, I'm guilty for the last one!)