Friday, March 12, 2010

One day short of friday the 13th

I didn't have anything to write about so I wanted to share the only LARP-type activity in which I would accept to indulge, which is related a bit to good ol' zombie walks.

Every friday the 13th, there is an event called ZV13 (an acronym for zombie vendredi treize). I wasn't aware of this event until I met a fantastic guy, now a good friend of mine, Carl. He takes part of the organisation of this event, in which hundreds of people turn up for a whole night of zombie killing and human biting.

The scale of the thing is pretty impressive; Last time (I unfortunately couldn't make it, though), they managed to rent a whole school. You're basically locked inside the venue, with paintball guns (without ammo, we wouldn't want to hurt someone!), and the goal is pretty simple: survive for the night. If you get "bitten", you go to the makeup room and you end the game as a zombie. If you're a zombie and you're shot in the head, the game ends for you.

The crew responsible for the game also has complete access to the electricity controls of the building, to add a bit of piquant.

I've yet to try it out, but from what I've heard from plenty of people, it is something a zombie fan MUST experience once in his life. Although the explanation I made is pretty basic, you've got to keep in mind that the players are what make the event enjoyable.

I'm not sure of the next venue, either a factory or a small shopping mall, if I remember well, but you can be sure I'll be there.


The security guards of the venue; they won't let you come in without a ticket, 
but they won't let you come out until morning.

 Resting a bit before the attack

Carl, in all his rotten glory
 Link to the event's official website

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