Saturday, March 6, 2010

Book Makeover

Rev. Marx at MRX Designs recently shared a clear, simple, to-the-point tutorial on reinforcing an old, tattered paperback's spine and rebinding it in hardcover with leather, using a french groove hinge.

The results are truly beautiful, and I am quite fond of the book he bound using the leather from a bomber jacket a leather of a color described as "bomber jacket" (thank you for correcting my mistake!)(illustrated above). The texture and color of the leather adds so much character to the book!

Take a look at the tutorial


  1. Thanks for the link.

    I should point out that the leather I used was not cut from a bomber jacket. It was from a full hide purchased on ebay. When I called it "bomber-jacket brown leather", I was actually describing the color. Sorry about the confusion.

  2. thanks for clearing it up! I actually wonder if cutting leather from an old jacket would yield satisfactory results, though... I'll have to try it out