Monday, February 8, 2010

I found a new favorite bookstore!

Yesterday, a friend and I went to a small market at about 15 minutes from his apartment to buy ourselves some beer. This small market actually has the largest beer selection in town, with many beers coming from small local microbreweries. It is there that I found my favorite beer ever, L'Aphrodisiaque by the Dieu du Ciel brewery; a rich cocoa and vanilla stout. A real dessert.

Anyways, while we were walking back with our beer and a couple of landjäger, we came across a large brick building, probably an ancien factory, with the windows completely boarded up. Except for a small part, which contained the most charming green wooden storefront. This huge, scary, abandonned building housed a small used bookstore. Unfortunately,  it was closed that day, so today, I went to take a look after work.

There's an amazing choice of dirt-cheap paperbacks and old library-bound books, with crates filled with pulp novels and 1$ vinyls. Around the walls, though, there were huge antique cabinets with locked glass doors, behind which was a large collection of antique, leather bound books.

I saw a huge leather bound book from 1939, of which only 230 copies were printed, dealing about religious art. The 225$ price tag was a bit too much for me, though.

Anyways, I found myself a book on Dada for 5$. A bit steep priced for an old paperback, but I just couldn't exit empty-handed. I'll probably go back and take a more thorough look someday.

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