Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Botanical items for your perusal

Recently, while looking around in my room, I noticed something.

There are paintings on the walls, skulls on the shelves, a shrunken head and a dead mermaid now and there, a full library and wardrobe, a few bottles of spirits and musical instruments, a couple of dry insects pinned on a frame, but damn, there's no life in there!

No room should be left without a living thing in it. While I'm contemplating buying myself a few fish or some amphibian, bug or reptile, such a creature might need more care and light than what is available in my modest dwelling.

Thus, I shall probably add a plant or two, to freshen the air, add color, and make the place a bit less gloomy. I'll probably put a terrarium and a couple of succulents, for these are easy to care for, and my green thumb is yellowish and slowly turning to black, if you know what I mean.

A couple of links I found interesting during my research for the perfect vegetation, after the jump!

Garden Crypt : An interesting website full of information about the darker, gothier side of gardening. Not much information about indoor gardening, but many suggestions about weird, dark and amazing plants, and things that grow in the shade.

Terrarium Man : A website dedicated to the creation of terrariums. Very thorough, with lots of great ideas. It covers everything from small terrarium made in conch shells, to terrariums filled with carnivorous plants!

FlyTrapCare : If you are like me, you probably owned one or two venus fly traps when you were younger, just to see it wither away and day because you didn't care for them properly. This website will answer every question you have about growing strong, beautiful venus fly traps.

Wicked Plants : The most amazing book dealing with plants ever. Almost every dangerous, vicious plant is covered in this book, filled with magnificent illustrations with an antique flair.

With these links, I should easily find something very interesting to put on my shelves. Hopefully I won't kill my plants too soon with all this info!

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