Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An introduction

Good evening, friendly freaks!

I hope you're doing well.
In my case, I'm absolutely glad to start this blog, so even though my ass is a bit sore from sitting a bit too long at the computer, and I long to drink a nice cold glass of absinthe while watching the stars, I find myself to be quite happy.

This blog has been started a bit out of frustration, to be honest with you. You see, I am an avid reader of blogs and websites dealing with the gothic, punk and DIY ways of life, and tend to accumulate a lot of interesting information that gets lost.

How many times have I searched through the whole wide web to find a small parcel of information I saw once but didn't have time to write it down! how many times have I wished to have a list of those interesting blogs and websites that quench my thirst for knowledge!

Also, I was slightly frustrated by the fact that most goth and DIY webpages are more interesting to women then men. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, but I'd rather learn how to build a coffin shaped display cabinet than how to crochet a bat-shaped doily.

In this situation, the best I could do is, of course, start my own blog, in which I would share my own projects and these little jewels I find on the internet that might interest readers with the same ideas as myself.

Be aware, however, that this blog is not all about craft.

Visual arts, litterature, film, performance art, music, the bizarre and other general knowledge are very important for me. Thus I see this blog as a place to share different kinds of information with you, readers. I am completely open to suggestions, as long as you are open to bear with me when I follow a post about making chocolate cupcakes with a post about Lucio Fulci's Zombie.

I won't bore you with my life any longer, parts of it will be released to you soon enough on this blog anyways.

Oh, by the way, If some of my sentences aren't grammatically correct, or if I do spelling and vocabulary mistakes, please bear with me. I'm french.

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