Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creepy Cherubs

If you're looking for inexpensive, creepy statuary, instructions on how to make the cute little devils on the picture above have been posted on Indie Shopper:

"I’m recycling this project from a couple years ago since things are kinda hectic around here. Being 30 weeks pregnant puts a bit of a damper on getting in the Halloween spirit. Between figuring out cloth diaper patterns and deciding on a car seat, it seems like my mind is going 100 mph lately and I, unfortunately, have no room to think of fun crafty Halloween projects. I sound like such a bummer already!

So I apologize if (for some strange reason) you’ve been reading my blog for the last two years and are bored with this project. If not, I proudly present….

Creppy Cherubs

ceramic cherub (thrift store/dollar store), Sculpy, Oven, Spray Paint (Black & Gray), Acrylic Paint (red & black)"

Go take a look at the rest of the instructions on Indie Shopper!

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