Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dead Citizen - From The Void Above

Hey there guys!

For the last few months, I had been working here and there on the design and illustrations of a concept album, produced by a talented, passionate local progressive metal band called Dead Citizen.

The lyrics from the album tell a story, and it was my job to create the universe around it. I'm very grateful towards the band members for giving me a chance to make their work come to life, so to speak, and I've designed every element, from the band's new logo, to the humongous bio-mechanical antenna towering over the city in which the story takes place, including an illustration for each single song.

Now, the album will finally be released. If by any chance, some of you are around Quebec City on the 8th of June, stop by the Temps Partiel, a friendly local alternative bar, at around 21pm, to attend the release party.

The band will play the album live for you guys, with Mire doing the opening.

I'll be there, enjoying the show while downing a few cold ones with a couple of friends, and the album will be on sale, though I don't know at which price.

Here's the facebook event if you're interested!

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