Saturday, December 15, 2012

The case of Remy FX - please read.

I just realized I never talked about this case before.

I want to talk to you about Rémy Couture, aka RémyFX. Rémy is a fx artist specialized in horror makeup effects, a very talented one, based in Montreal. He is also a collaborator of Le Mur Insolite, an art gallery focusing on the dark and the bizarre which is currently exhibiting some of my work, and has worked along Rick Genest, alias Zombie Boy.

Picture I took of Rémy at last summer's zombie walk

In 2009, a german citizen was browsing the web when he stumbled upon Inner Depravity, a website created by Rémy, showcasing some of his goriest work. It basically is a sort of "journal" kept by a fictional serial killer, posting pictures of his murders. Of course, it is all makeup & fiction, as specified in many places on the website. However, the german citizen panicked, thinking there was foul play involved, and contacted Interpol.

That's how good & gruesome Remy's work is.

Following an investigation, the police of Montreal, on october 2009, arrested Rémy, and confiscated his computers & other such equipment.

Rémy is now accused of "Corruption of Morals".

Yes, such a law exists in Canada. If you don't believe me, take a look on the website of our Department of Justice. I didn't even know about it, and probably neither did Rémy, before his arrestation.

His trial began last monday, and if found guilty, Rémy faces 4 long years in prison.

Let me recap; For doing horror makeup, taking pictures, and posting them on his website, an FX artist is facing a terribly expensive trial and facing prison. For Makeup.

How fucked up is that?

If you folks could pass the word, so his case gets publicity outside of the province of Quebec, that would mean so much for the entire local art community!

If you want to learn more about the case, and support Rémy with either donations or buying some gorgeous merch (such as panties with "Corrupt Me" written on the backside!), please visit his website, Support Remy

If he is found guilty, it will not only ruin 4 long years of his life, it will also give a severe blow to the artistic community and to freedom of speech in Canada. We must not let them get away with this.

Thank you for reading, thank you for spreading the word, and thank you for supporting the artist himself.