Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quebec City's 2nd Zombie Walk

A little while ago I attended the 2nd zombie walk organized in Quebec City. It started in the St-Roch area, went up and through the old walled city, descended into the historical Petit Champlain neighbourghood, and ended at the Musée de la Civilisation located along the St-Laurence River, for beers, a little chat, live music, and the projection of québecois horror movies. I unfortunately didn't attend in costume, being too short in time, but I did the makeup for a friend of mine (costumed as a priest) and took pictures along the way.

For my buddy's makeup which you can see in the last two pictures, I didn't use any fancy stuff such as liquid latex. It was all cheap stuff you can buy at any supermarket (white glue, instant rice, corn syrup, etc.) I'll probably shoot a short video tutorial on that sooner or later

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