Monday, December 21, 2009

The joys of ebay

Inspired by the XKCD comic above, I decided to do a bit of good ol' shopping on eBay. I gave myself a budget of $50.00 (although I ended up spending the astronomical sum of $52.89, shipping included), and ended up with plenty of interesting stuff.

Here's what I bought myself with these 52 bucks:

- a pair of Florsheim Imperial brogues (my size! yay!)
- a 20'' leather cat o' nine tails (don't ask...)
- a silk tie with matching pocket square and cufflinks
- a sterling silver ring with an ornate fleur de lis on top of it
- a red, vintage looking t-shirt for the 2010 vancouver winter games
- a mistery gift (can't wait to find out what it is!)
- silver & rhodium triangle cufflinks
- black and stainless steel cufflinks sporting a sphinx's face
- a pair of 00g plugs made out of 3 different kind of exotic woods
- a sleek stainless steel ring with a cross design
- a lot of 20 sterile, individually wrapped piercing needles going from 18g to 12g

not too bad, right?

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