Saturday, October 10, 2009

Val Jalbert

Look at these pictures. It's a ghost town called Val Jalbert (Jalbert's Hollow) lost in the woods of Lac-St-Jean, about an hour from my town.

This village was deserted about 85 years ago. Many of the most important buildings and of the hundreds of houses are still standing, although there are many ruins here and there. Beautiful, but you'll admit that it looks quite eerie.

Now imagine the same setting in fall, when the trees are without any leaves and stand naked and dark against the buildings and the desert road.

Imagine this village at night, lit only by the moon and a couple of lamp posts, the woods dark and ominous, and the buildings standing out bluish and ghastly from the shadows.

That's downright creepy, huh?

Well, that's great, because that's where I'll be spending my halloween night, getting drunk and partying for hours with my friends and a bunch of people I still don't know yet. Hell yeah!

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