Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bodies - The Exhibition

Quebec City has the chance this summer to welcome a most interesting and unusual exhibition. Bodies, The Exhibition, is organized by Atlanta-based Premier Exhibitions Inc. and features a large number of plastinated, dry and wet preserved human specimens.

As with the famous exhibition Body Worlds by Gunther Von Hagens, Bodies presents the human body as the beautiful and complex machine it is by installing various full bodies and body parts in artistic poses revealing how the body works.

It is as intriguing and strange as it is beautiful, and I had the chance to go take a peek yesterday.

The skeletal, mucular, nervous and vascular systems are all covered, as are sexuality and pregnancy, various diseases, and how medicine can heal, repair and modify the body.

The room presenting the circulatory system is alone worth the visit. On a few models, only the veins and arteries are preserved, and colored a bright red. The room itself is plunged in darkness and these specimens are brightly underlit, giving them the appearance of glowing lace. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.

If such an exhibit takes place near your town, do yourself a favor and go see it, it is well worth the price. Watching pictures on the net or seeing wax or plastic models can't be compared to seeing the real thing!

Bodies - official page

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